Compression Therapy


 Faster Recovery using Compression therapy.

Increased blood circulation helps to eliminate fatigue, reduce inflammation and provides a faster recovery.

This is why many athletes are now incorporating a regular recovery routine into their training plans. Making sure that you’re getting sufficient sleep and the correct nutrition to aid recovery is a great place to start. Including at least one 20-minute compression session in our recovery boots will provide additional recovery benefits.

When you exercise, you ‘stress’ your muscles, causing minor tears to your muscle fibres. These tears are what will later cause you to improve, but initially they result in muscle inflammation and the accumulation of metabolic waste (lactate, pyruvate, ammonia, bicarbonate and pH).

 The small muscle injuries result in a combination of soreness, fatigue and reduced muscle strength, which limit your ability to train at full strength and get the most benefit from your workout. That’s why the ability to recover rapidly is so important. 

By using recovery boots in your daily workout, you can speed up the recovery process that your body’s lymphatic and vascular systems perform naturally over a longer period of time. Pneumatic compression increases blood circulation and helps your body get rid of accumulated waste in your muscles faster and more efficiently than your body normally can. The result is that your muscles heal and recover faster. 

This ability to promote increased blood flow is what leads to faster recovery.

Single treatment: $25

Unlimited Use of ALL Recovery: $100 month