Bamboo release therapy


Similar to deep tissue massage, bamboo has the ability to release tension in major muscles through intensive kneading.  It is especially effective for runners and cyclists experiencing tightness in their legs, feet and IT bands as it softens and breaks down muscular tensions. It can enhance sports performance and endurance with just a few sessions which is why more sports massage specialists are adding it to their portfolio.

For women whose legs feel heavy and tight, the rolling and kneading with bamboo will soothe and alleviate discomfort, thus giving more vitality to their movements.

Given the stretching and elongating of muscles during the process, It is also of great benefit to anyone suffering from shortened muscles due to postural imbalances.

For almost anyone suffering from neck, shoulder or lower / upper back pain or stiffness, the effect of the bamboo’s rolling, gliding and intensive kneading will give them a new lease on life with increased flexibility along with less soreness.

Bamboo release therapy can accelerate rehabilitation for many injuries and the release of endorphins provides the body with a natural pain killing boost.

It is recommended that for targeted problem areas that weekly sessions for the first month are most impactful.  

After the issue(s) are resolved, monthly sessions are sufficient unless the massage is purely for rejuvenation, relaxation and stress reduction.

30 minutes: $45

 Unlimited Use of ALL Recovery: $100 month